Most of you are already familiar with Oxido Solutions, the company I manage with my business partner Jarno de Vries. For those who are new connections on LinkedIn: Oxido Solutions specializes in providing crypto trading bot services for professional investors. We offer our bots in various formats and with different risk profiles. The most popular ones are the medium risk versions of the Range Maker and ATR, designed for Bitcoin Perpetual Futures, a derivative product of Bitcoin. Customers using these bots risk 4% of their capital per trade, excluding slippage.

Last month, the Range Maker and ATR together averaged +13.9% and YTD +73.9%. I must admit, current market conditions are quite challenging for trend-following crypto algorithms like ours, due to relatively low volatility and thus, fewer strong trends.

Nevertheless, our setup continues to outperform the crypto market and most traditional markets. Several reasons can be attributed to this performance:

– Our trading setup can profit from Bitcoin’s price action in both directions. When Bitcoin rises, our bots purchase contracts speculating on an upward price movement. Conversely, during downward trends, short contracts are acquired. Thus, the ATR and Range Maker can generate profits even in bear markets.

– Our trading setup prioritizes risk management. One key feature is the sideways filter, a mechanism capable of measuring market strength and consequently filtering out many unfavorable trades. For an explanation of the sideways filter, refer to the video url in the comments.

– Even in times of low volatility, our trading setup can detect mini trends as it operates on relatively low time frames. This means that when Bitcoin is moving sideways at the macro level, the ATR (10 minutes) and the Range Maker (15 minutes) still have opportunities to perform.

Refer to the performance sheet HERE for the historical performance of our trading setup.

If you’re interested in testing our bots and would like to receive read-only API keys of our crypto accounts to validate the performance, please send us a message.