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Imagine your money working for you, even when you’re not actively managing it. Our OKX trading bot is here to help you make the most of this opportunity. With its ability to generate top-notch buy and sell opportunities in the crypto market, you can save time and focus on what truly matters to you.

The Chronicle of OKX Trading Bots

Did you know that trading bots are involved in more than 80% of cryptocurrency trades? That’s why it’s reassuring to discover that the OKX trading bot developed by Oxido Solutions embodies all the essential qualities needed to compete with other bots. Our OKX trading bot not only competes with other OKX bots from different providers but also stands strong among bots across various platforms, including Binance trading bots and Bybit bots.

We are OKX bot specialists

As a full-service IT solutions company, we have developed various offerings centered around the OKX bot. This makes us the go-to source for all the products and services you require.


No matter if you’re a seasoned investor, a cryptocurrency trader, or simply an innovation enthusiast, we are delighted to guide you through the captivating realm of OKX bots.


to provide you with detailed information about OKX bots, covering their advantages, risks, and everything in between. We want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of this topic.


Our experience with OKX trading bots has been a valuable learning journey, refining our strategies for about a year. We have used this knowledge to develop valuable IT products and services. To make it easier for you to learn, we have created a content program that highlights the 10 key aspects you need to know about this exciting subject.

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An OKX bot is a computer script that contains predefined rules to help you with the process of automated trade execution on OKX. It’s designed to identify potential buying and selling opportunities based on predetermined criteria and shares this information with other systems. A well-designed OKX trading bot can help you grow your capital while minimizing risks. To create an ideal OKX bot, it’s important to understand its key components. At Oxido Solutions, we believe these components include:


OKX has created a ton of products to cater to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These offerings are divided into two exchanges: Spot and Derivatives.


Creating an OKX trading bot can be approached in different ways, with the main options being technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both.


To make informed decisions, an OKX bot uses reliable trading data to analyze and generate accurate trading opportunities on the OKX platform. This data includes market conditions, historical trends, and other relevant factors.


The technical setup of an OKX bot depends on your investment goals. This includes choosing programming languages, backtesting tools, and middleware.


OKX is divided into two exchanges: OKX Spot and OKX Derivatives. Choosing the right exchange for your OKX bot is crucial, and it’s important to understand the differences between OKX Spot and OKX Derivatives. We’ve outlined some key points to help you make an informed decision.

However, as an IT company, we cannot provide specific recommendations or determine your eligibility to trade on these platforms. We strongly advise you to conduct your own research and consult with a financial expert for guidance.

Leverage tradingNoYes
Contract typesSpotBTC-USD/USDT-SWAP
Average daily trading volumeUSD 0.5BUSD 6.8B
Risk management featuresLessMore
Trading feesHigherLower
HedgingNot supportedSupported
Trading pairs573282


“Since the inception of OKX, I have been actively involved in developing trading bots specifically for this platform. I have created bots for both OKX Spot and OKX Derivatives, giving me a deep understanding of the best conditions for your OKX bot to perform well on each exchange.”

OKX spot

“This exchange only supports OKX trading bots designed for spot trading, allowing your bot to identify potential buy and sell opportunities for cryptocurrencies in a bullish market. If you believe in the long-term potential of crypto, OKX spot bots can be utilized as a valuable tool for a buy-and-hold investment strategy. Personally, I use the OKX spot bot of Oxido Solutions to pinpoint favorable buying opportunities for Bitcoin using the stablecoin USDT, based on my predetermined criteria. I then use this Bitcoin as collateral for our OKX USD-PERP strategy, which aims to accumulate more Bitcoin over time.”

OKX Derivatives

“Unlike OKX Spot, OKX Derivatives supports trading bots that can help grow your capital even when the market is trending downwards. This is possible through the use of futures contracts, which allow you to speculate on the future price movement of an underlying asset based on predefined criteria, regardless of whether the price goes up or down. Furthermore, unlike spot trading, you only need to allocate a fraction of your capital to the market, as a well-configured trading system can borrow the remaining capital under favorable market conditions.”

jarno de vries
Jarno de Vries (CTO)


When creating an OKX trading bot, there are three main approaches to to choose from: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. To assist you in selecting the most suitable approach, we have outlined the hey differences between the technical and fundamental methods.




Analysis of quantitative data based on technical indicators.

Investment type

Frequent changes: suited for short and long term investing.


Analysis of qualitative data with fundamental indicators.

Investment type

Less frequent changes: more suited for long-term investing.


An OKX trading bot for OKX Derivatives uses technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and Bollinger bands. It analyzes the chart, market data and other quantitative data to detect trends and patterns according to predetermined parameters and then generates a trading opportunity.


An OKX bot conducts an analysis of fundamental data related to a cryptocurrency coin from a blockchain company. This includes product news, industry trends, and management data based on predefined parameters. It then generates a buy or sell opportunity based on this analysis.


An OKX bot that uses both technical and fundamental approaches can leverage the strengths of each method. For example, when running a OKX Inverse Contracts strategy on Ethereum, the bot can be configured to detect buy opportunities based on technical indicators like the breakout of the top range of the Bollinger Band. Moreover, it can consider fundamental factors by monitoring social media and other indicators for any negative news or sentiment about Ethereum on a given day.


Data is vital for a successful OKX trading bot. Having access to comprehensive and reliable data is essential for deploying a successful strategy.

It comes in two forms: historical data and real-time data. Historical data enables you to analyze how the strategy would have performed in the past, providing valuable insights. On the other hand, real-time data is vital for achieving profitable performance during live trading. Having up-to-date information is crucial for making informed decisions and adapting to current market conditions.

Historical price data


When it comes to obtaining an OKX trading bot, you have choices. Some platforms and providers offer pre-built bots that you can purchase and customize to your liking. In such cases, you don’t necessarily need programming language knowledge, although it’s helpful to have an understanding of how the bot operates. On the other hand, if you wish to create your own OKX bot, you’ll need to be proficient in programming languages. Programming languages can be categorized as closed-source or open-source. Closed-source languages are designed for specific platforms, while open-source languages can be used across multiple platforms. Understanding these language categories can assist you in deciding the best approach for developing your OKX bot.




Pinescript is a special programming language based on C that is specifically offered by TradingView, a popular charting platform, for developing OKX trading bots. With Pinescript, you can create your own strategies and custom technical indicators according to your trading preferences on OKX.


MetaTrader5 (MT5) is a widely-used closed platform that many developers rely on to create OKX trading bots. By utilizing the MT5 software kit, which is based on the python programming language, developers can design personalized OKX bots and indicators that perfectly align with their individual trading strategies.


If a closed platform doesn’t offer the necessary tools for developing an OKX trading bot, you have the choice to create a custom strategy from scratch or use open-source libraries. Python, a versatile programming language, provides lots of options for developing your own customized OKX trading bot according to your specific requirements.


JavaScript, as an open-source alternative, is a relatively beginner-friendly programming language. However, it may not be the most optimal choice for developing OKX trading bots focused on high-frequency trading strategies like arbitrage or market making, which require advanced speed and performance capabilities.


Before implementing an OKX bot strategy in live trading, it is essential to conduct thorough testing. Backtesting software plays a key role in this process. Backtesting involves simulating how a trading bot would perform using historical market data. At Oxido Solutions, we have had positive experiences with the following backtesting systems:

AccessibilityBeginner and advancedAdvanced
Strategy developmentYesYes
Indicator developmentYesYes
Level of customizationHighVery high
Multi-timeframe analysisYesYes


Having an OKX trading bot that produces profitable buy and sell opportunities is not enough to ensure financial success. Along with an OKX Spot or OKX Derivatives account, you might also require a middleware. A middleware is a software that enables smooth communication between different systems or applications by serving as a bridge for data exchange. It plays a crucial role in the operation of your OKX bot. Here’s how a middleware works:


The first step in the middleware process is receiving data from a source. If you’re using an OKX bot developed with Pine Script, the middleware receives buy and sell information from TradingView through a TradingView alert.

For example, the alert syntax “a=btcusdt, q=10, o=market” means that the bot instructs the middleware to generate a signal to buy 10 BTC with USDT at the market price on OKX.


After receiving the data, the middleware layer becomes essential in processing it accurately based on predefined rules.

In the case of an OKX bot, the middleware has the important task of converting the TradingView alert syntax into a format that aligns with OKX’s requirements. It not only ensures precise data processing but also needs to be robust and scalable, enabling it to perform this task swiftly and efficiently for the OKX bot.


Finally, the middleware of the OKX trading bot sends the processed information to an endpoint. In the context of our example, it will send a signal to buy 10 Bitcoins at the current market price to your OKX account using the OKX API.

To automate the conversion of the buy signal into an order, it is important to authorize OKX in advance to process such signals as orders on your behalf.


1949: Introducing rule-based trading

Ever wondered about the origins of the OKX bot? Let’s travel back to the early 20th century and uncover some fascinating history. In 1949, Richard Donchian shook the trading world by introducing Futures Inc, the first-ever rule-based trading fund. This innovative fund used predetermined rules and mathematical systems, like moving averages, to generate real trading signals in the futures markets. Despite the the lack of internet, the team manually analyzed market data from ticker tapes. This groundbreaking approach set the stage for the development of OKX trading bots and other crypto trading bots we have today.

1960: bot trade #1

Mary Max Markowitz, Ed Thorp, and Michael Goodkin played a key role in the creation of arbitrage trading systems using trading bots. Their innovative has greatly influenced the development of the trading bot systems we rely on presently.

1971: NASDAQ

The 1970s marked an important era in the world of trading bots with the launch of Nasdaq. This pioneering US-based exchange brought forth the concept of fully automated trading, revolutionizing the industry at that time.

1990: rise of bots

As technology advanced, traders began embracing bots to analyze market data and identify trading opportunities. This utilization of bots provided traders with enhanced capabilities to navigate the financial markets more effectively.

2011: crypto bots

Bitcoinica and Mt. Gox, two now-defunct cryptocurrency exchanges, were among the first to support cryptocurrency bots and automated trading solutions, paving the way for their introduction in the crypto market.

2017: OKX spot bot

When OKX was launched, it opened the doors for the development of OKX bots specifically designed for spot pairs. Recognizing the potential, Jarno took advantage of this opportunity and created Oxido Solutions’ OKX spot bot in the same year.

2018: crypto bots rule

Trading bots like the OKX bot, Binance Bot, and Bybit bots have become incredibly popular, being utilized in around 80% of cryptocurrency trades, revolutionizing the way investors and traders engage with digital assets.

2019: OKX Derivatives

With the introduction of OKX Derivatives, we have proudly unveiled an OKX bot designed for Perpetual swaps. This allowed our clients to seize trading opportunities for crypto-settled derivatives and expand their investment potential.

2023+ Age of AI

The stellar rise of artificial intelligence technologies, such as ChatGPT and BloombergGPT, presents a promising opportunity to create increasingly sophisticated AI-powered OKX bots and other trading bots with enhanced capabilities and intelligence.


When you use an OKX trading bot, you’ll be entering a competitive environment alongside numerous other bots in the cryptocurrency market. But what sets an OKX bot apart from other investment options? Let’s delve into its key advantages.

Passive income

An OKX trading bot can assist you in generating a passive income stream by automatically producing trading opportunities based on pre-defined rules and strategies.


With OKX bots, traders can bypass the emotional strain of manual trading in unpredictable markets while still having the potential to generate profits from the cryptocurrency market.


An OKX trading bot allows you to concentrate on other tasks or activities while it operates behind the scenes, potentially generating profits from the cryptocurrency market without demanding your constant attention.


OKX trading bots have the potential to generate buy and sell opportunities with lower transaction costs compared to manual trading, thanks to their efficient data processing capabilities.


OKX Bots can operate 24/7, enabling you to seize market opportunities and potentially generate profits even when you’re not actively monitoring the market. This enhances the efficiency and productivity of your trading activities.


An OKX trading bot can diversify your investments by simultaneously generating trading opportunities for multiple cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and trading pairs. This allows you to spread your investments across different assets and markets.


One of the advantages of using an OKX bot is its backtesting feature. This allows you test your trading strategies using historical market data to see how effective they were in the past. By simulating trades and analyzing the outcomes, outcomes, you can learn more and possibly get better at trading in the future.


An OKX trading bot can be programmed to automatically generate stop-loss orders and incorporate various risk management features, such as dynamic take-profit opportunities. These features are designed to help safeguard your trades and prevent significant losses by ensuring timely exits.


Certain OKX trading bots support copy trading, which means you can automatically copy the bot’s trades onto your own OKX account. This eliminates the need for research or strategy development since you’re following the bot’s trading decisions. It’s a convenient way to improve your trading outcomes and benefit from the bot’s expertise.


At Oxido Solutions, we specialize in designing, developing, and implementing OKX bots for different trading strategies. With our extensive expertise in IT, trading, and the cryptocurrency market, we cater to a wide range of parties, including professional investors, junior traders, and experienced traders. To serve our diverse audience, we offer a diverse range of IT services and products. However, please be note that some services may have regulatory restrictions that could limit accessibility.

Signal service

By qualifying for our OKX signal service, you can unlock the potential to earn extra income while keeping full control over your assets. Our exclusive trading bots, the Range Maker and the ATR, will produce top-notch buy and sell opportunities, ensuring you can make the most of your trading experience.


Are you searching for a partner to collaborate on the IT aspects of your trading bot strategy? Or do you require assistance in reviewing the code of your existing crypto trading bot or IT infrastructure? Oxido Solutions is here to provide all the IT consultancy services you need for your OKX bot.


Our IT team consists of seasoned traders who also have coding skills. We can assist you with the IT development of your bot using various programming languages, such as Python, TradingView, and JavaScript, depending on your specific requirements.


If your OKX trading bot isn’t performing as expected, there’s no need to worry. Sometimes, a single missing feature can make a big difference in unlocking its full potential. At Oxido Solutions, our technical indicators can be the solution you need to optimize your bot’s performance and maximize its capabilities.

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    Creating a successful OKX bot strategy demands expertise and experience. If you prefer to skip the complexities of developing and managing your own bot strategy, consider accessing the OKX trading strategy of Oxido Solutions as it includes lots of innovative features to enhance your chances of success in the cryptocurrency market. Here’s what makes our trading strategy stand out:


    Our trading strategy is based on a trend-following approach, where we focus on the direction of the market trend. We strongly believe that if an asset is moving in a particular direction, it’s more likely to continue in that direction than to suddenly reverse. This allows us to capture opportunities in both bullish and bearish market trends. To identify and track these trends effectively, our crypto trading bots utilize advanced technical analysis and artificial intelligence.

    3 risk levels

    Our OKX trading strategy comes with three risk profiles: low, medium, and high, corresponding to risk levels of 2%, 4%, and 6% of the trading capital per trade. Please be aware that the calculations do not account for slippage, which is the difference between the expected and actual trade execution price. The low-risk profile aims for smaller profits but also has smaller drawdowns, providing a more conservative approach to OKX bot trading.

    Range Maker

    In 2017, Jarno developed the Range Maker, a trend-following trading algorithm that was made available to the public two years later. Unlike other algo traders who rely on traditional methods like Bollinger Bands to determine the trading range, we have taken a unique approach. Our calculation method for the trading range, coupled with customized features, ensures consistent stability and reduces vulnerability to market manipulation.

    ATR OKX trading bot

    In 2020, we introduced the Average True Range (ATR) algorithm as an additional OKX trading bot to complement the Range Maker. The ATR algorithm is designed to react swiftly to minor trend movements and excels on shorter time frames. By combining the ATR with the Range Maker, we enhance the overall performance of our strategy on a monthly basis, as they provide a hedge for each other. This integrated approach enables our OKX trading bot to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions.

    Chop filter

    The chop filter is a state-of-the-art technical indicator that addresses one of the major obstacles in our industry. While trend-following strategies tend to thrive in strong trending markets, they can face difficulties during periods of choppy price action. The chop filter effectively measures the market’s strength and adjusts our algorithms accordingly. When the market’s trend is weak, it prevents our strategies from taking positions. This game-changing feature has led to a decrease of up to 50% in our strategy’s drawdowns, enhancing its overall performance.


    One challenge in trend-following trading strategies is the risk of over-optimization. This happens when strategy parameters are finely tuned to historical market data, resulting in poor performance when applied to new, unseen data. This problem happens when traders continuously fine-tune the strategy to fit the past data perfectly. To mitigate this, our strategy includes an auto-optimization function that dynamically adjusts the algorithm parameters based on current market conditions. This adaptive approach ensures consistent performance in changing market environments.


    While OKX trading bots have the potential to boost your capital, it’s important to understand the risks involved. At Oxido Solutions, we have faced and overcome numerous challenges before launching our services. We have integrated solutions into our signal service, IT infrastructure, and other offerings to address these risks. Whether you’re considering developing your own OKX bot or exploring options from other providers, it’s essential to examine the potential risks and understand how we have mitigated them.


    Developing and operating an OKX trading bot involves technical considerations that can give rise to IT-related challenges. These challenges can include problems such as receiving no or inaccurate input due to issues like incorrect data sets, coding errors, or server disruptions. Additionally, there is the possibility of missed or delayed generation of buy and sell opportunities. These challenges can trigger a cascade of issues, where the middleware receives incorrect information from the OKX bot, resulting in inaccurate or delayed transmission of signals to your crypto account. Consequently, this could lead to the placement of incorrect orders and potential financial losses.


    At Oxido Solutions, we prioritize the prevention of IT issues by implementing a reliable enterprise IT architecture. Each component undergoes rigorous testing and regular updates to maintain their reliability. In the event of any input deviations, our error handling application promptly detects and logs them, enabling us to take immediate automated actions, such as generating new trading opportunities. We have backup systems, including MetaTrader5 and mirrored environments for the middleware and hosting, to effectively handle any disruptions. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate issues, our enterprise IT architecture significantly minimizes their impact.


    Your success with an OKX bot is closely tied to the opportunities presented by the market and your bot’s ability to effectively respond to them. The market on OKX is dynamic, constantly shifting between upward, downward, and sideways movements, accompanied by fluctuations in trading volumes. Furthermore, the market’s dynamics can be influenced by the activities of market makers. It is essential for your trading bot to adapt to these ever-changing market conditions to avoid potential setbacks. Market risks can arise from factors such as market volatility, changes in economic conditions like recessions, inflation, or interest rate fluctuations, as well as unexpected events like natural disasters.


    While market situations are beyond our control, we prioritize proactive measures to anticipate and respond to them effectively. Our OKX trading bot is equipped with robust risk management features to ensure adaptability to market changes. These include a predetermined maximum loss per trade (excluding slippage), a dynamic stop-loss mechanism that adapts based on market direction, and an automatic take-profit feature. In addition, our OKX bot contains a chop filter that detects choppy market conditions and potential market manipulation, preventing the generation of buy and sell opportunities during these periods. Through these risk management measures, our aim is to minimize the likelihood of setbacks when confronted with unexpected market events or shifts.


    Using an OKX trading bot involves considering regulatory risks. Regulatory risks arise from the laws and regulations that govern cryptocurrency trading and automated trading systems, posing challenges and limitations. Such risks may involve restrictions on accessing OKX or specific platform services due to regulatory constraints. Furthermore, if you operate your own crypto service, you may be prohibited from promoting it if it is deemed illegal or if you lack the necessary operating license. Moreover, there exists the possibility of algorithmic crypto trading being banned entirely or restrictions being imposed on factors like maximum leverage, which could impact the effectiveness of numerous existing OKX bot strategies. While regulatory risks exist, we are dedicated to staying updated on regulations and adapting our services to comply and minimize risks related to regulations.


    At Oxido Solutions, we maintain close communication with OKX’s management team and regulators worldwide to ensure compliance with regulations governing OKX trading bots. Our expertise in digital assets, algorithmic trading, and IT allows us to quickly adapt our services to meet regulatory requirements. If you’re facing regional restrictions or licensing uncertainties as a crypto service provider, we can connect you with the right experts to help address your challenges. While we don’t provide financial advice, we are here to assist you with any IT-related aspects.



    The OKX derivatives trading bot of Oxido Solutions is able to generate premium buy and sell opportunities for OKX Derivatives. This could help you generate an extra income on this popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

    Signal service

    To get buy and sell opportunities from our OKX derivatives bot, you must first subscribe to our signal service. Are you interested in automatically converting these opportunities into orders? Unfortunately, Oxido Solutions is unable to facilitate this, as we are an IT company and not a financial institution. Instead, you can authorize OKX to process these signals into orders via their API. Here’s how it works: our OKX bot detects a trading opportunity and sends this information to a middleware layer. This layer then forwards the information to your OKX account. Once authorized, OKX will automatically convert these signals into orders. This process enables automated trading while you keep full control over your funds.

    Trading pairs

    Our OKX Derivatives bot only creates buy and sell opportunities for Bitcoin and Ethereum Derivatives trading pairs. This is primarily due to their high liquidity, a crucial element for effective and efficient trading. Furthermore, the vast amount of historical price data for these specific trading pairs enables thorough backtesting, ensuring the reliability of our OKX trading bot. For instance, even before we began collecting live data in 2019, our backtesting revealed that the OKX derivatives bot had been performing strongly.

    Perpetual Swaps

    The OKX bot supports producing trading opportunities for perpetual swaps, a derivative product that allows speculation on future asset prices without expiration dates, unlike traditional futures contracts. There are two types: BTC-USDT-SWAP and BTC-USD-SWAP. If you prefer earning more USD Tether stablecoins instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum, choose BTC-USDT-SWAP and provide USDT for our signal service for OKX derivatives. Alternatively, for using Bitcoin as collateral and accumulating more of it, opt for BTC-USD-SWAP.

    Isolated margin

    Our OKX trading bot is specifically designed to create opportunities which include isolated margin, a powerful feature that helps you manage the risk involved with each individual trade. It’s similar to setting aside a designated amount of money for different purchases. With isolated margin, you allocate a specific amount of funds for each trade and only use those funds for that particular trade. This ensures that any underperforming trade won’t affect the rest of your trades, providing you with better risk control and increased trade independence.


    Ready to take the next step? With Oxido Solutions’ OKX signal service, you can receive top-notch buy and sell signals to help you generate extra income on this popular cryptocurrency exchange. You can receive the signals by email, Telegram, OKX API or any other preferred channel. Please be aware that as a non-financial service provider, our signals are not customized, and all subscribers receive the same signals. We also do not execute orders on your behalf. We trust our OKX trading bots and are excited to offer you a free 14-day trial. If you are satisfied with the signals, you can upgrade to a paid subscription with us.

    Duration14 daysNo limit
    Entry1,500 USD≥ 50,000 USD
    Performance feeNone25-35%
    Asset typecryptocurrenciescryptocurrencies
    Notice PeriodDailyMonthly
    Algo featuresAllAll
    SupportE-mailAll channels
    Track record
    Risk management


    Interested to learn more about our OKX trading bot services or have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly or leave a message using our contact form. I’m here to help you and provide the information you need.
    Guido Lassally
    Guido Lassally (CEO)