How Oxido Solutions uses AI in Crypto Trading

AI is the buzzword today, especially with innovations like chatGPT. At Oxido Solutions, we’ve been using Artificial Intelligence for years, mainly in our crypto trading algorithms, helping our clients earn passive income. Additionally, our team is consistently delving into new AI applications.

But why innovate further when our current algorithms have shown solid performance year by year? The answer lies in our hunger for improvement. While our algorithms consistently perform well year-round, there are certain months that don’t hit the mark – as evidenced by our updated performance sheet (find link in the comments section). By continuously experimenting with AI and other types of innovations, we aim to diminish these less favorable periods. Here are two ways we’ve enhanced our crypto trading with AI:

1. Using the Transformers Library

We use the Transformers library in our cryptocurrency bots. Developed by Hugging Face, this open-source tool specializes in Natural Language Processing tasks. When our system suggests a trade, like buying Bitcoin, the AI checks the overall mood about Bitcoin from news and social media. If, for instance, the sentiment around Bitcoin is negative, our bots include this feedback into their final decision-making process to enter a trade or not.

2. AI Auto-optimizer

One common challenge with trading bot strategies is over-optimization. Tailoring strategy parameters too closely to past data can compromise their effectiveness with fresh data. Oxido Solutions addresses this with its AI auto-optimizer – a dynamic, machine learning-based method that tweaks algorithm parameters in tune with current market dynamics. This improves performance in the ever-changing cryptocurrency market.

At Oxido Solutions, we know what works and what doesn’t in many areas of AI trading. Because we want to share this knowledge within our network, we are proud to announce that we have launched an AI trading bot service. Part of this is not only AI trading but also related IT and legal services.

Do you want to know more about our new service and jump on the AI train with Oxido Solutions?

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