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Crypto trading bots have played a major role in the rapid development of the cryptocurrency world. Our Binance trading bot, Bybit trading bot, and other user-friendly crypto bots make it easy and quick for you to get involved and take advantage of this revolutionary market.


A crypto trading bot is a computer program that automates the process of identifying buy and sell opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The bot uses rules and looks at the market to find opportunities for you. For example, if the bot sees that a cryptocurrency’s price has gone down, it can provide a buy opportunity for you at the lower price. If the price goes up, the bot can give you a sell recommendation to make a profit. The main goal of a crypto trading bot is to help you make more money and save time when trading cryptocurrencies.

Think of a crypto trading bot as a personal assistant for your cryptocurrency trading. Just like a personal assistant can handle your daily tasks, schedule appointments, and make sure you don’t forget important things, a crypto trading bot can help you generate buy and sell opportunities automatically, follow your rules, and keep an eye on the market all day and night. Having a trustworthy assistant can help you save time and make better decisions, leading to better results in your cryptocurrency trading.


of all trades involve the use of bots

This percentage arises from research conducted by CryptoCompare (2020), a prominent provider of cryptocurrency data and analytics. According to their findings, the significance of trading bots is expected to keep increasing as the market becomes more competitive and intricate.

Compound annual growth rate

According to a 2021 report by market research company MarketsandMarkets, the global market for cryptocurrency trading bots is expected to grow at this compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2026, reaching a value of $1.3 billion by the end of the forecast period.


With a crypto trading bot, you will be competing against thousands of other crypto bots in the cryptocurrency market. What are the main benefits of using this tool compared other investment opportunities?

Additional income

A crypto trading bot can assist you in generating a passive income by automatically identifying buy and sell opportunities according to predetermined rules and strategies.

less stress

Crypto trading bots allow traders to avoid the emotional stress that can come with manually trading in volatile markets, while still potentially generating profits from the cryptocurrency market.


A crypto bot allows you to focus on other tasks or activities while the bot operates in the background, potentially generating profits from the cryptocurrency market without requiring active involvement.


Crypto bots can potentially generate opportunities with lower transaction costs than would be possible through manual trading, due to their ability to quickly process data and execute trades at high speeds.


Bots can work tirelessly 24/7, allowing you to take advantage of market opportunities and potentially generate profits even while you are away from your computer or sleeping, resulting in more efficient and effective trading.


A crypto trading bot can help you with diversification by allowing you to execute trades across multiple cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and trading pairs simultaneously. This can help to spread risk across a wider range of assets and potentially increase the overall return on investment.


One of the benefits of using a crypto bot is its backtesting feature, which lets you test your trading strategies using historical market data to see how effective they were in the past. By simulating trades and analyzing the results, you can gain insights and potentially improve your trading performance in the future.


A crypto trading bot can be programmed to automatically create stop-loss information and can include other risk management features such a dynamic take-profit mechanism. This helps to mitigate potential losses by ensuring trades are exited before significant downturns.


Some crypto trading bots also offer copy trading functionality, allowing you to automatically mirror the trades executed by the bot onto your own crypto account. This eliminates the need for extensive research or the development of your own trading strategies, as you can simply follow the lead of the trading bot


“In the period when I manually traded cryptocurrencies, I was glued to my screen for days, which was accompanied by a lot of stress. When I started a family, things had to change. I then decided to develop a crypto trading bot that could help me generate a passive income while also leaving me enough time to do enjoyable things. Eventually, together with my business partner Guido Lassally, I turned it into a company specialized in every aspect of crypto trading bots. That’s how Oxido Solutions was born. My motto is that you can learn something from everyone, so would you mind sharing your story?”

Jarno de Vries (CTO)


Oxido Solutions specializes in the design, IT development and implementation of crypto trading bots. Our comprehensive knowledge of IT, trading, and the cryptocurrency market enables us to create bots for various trading strategies. To provide you with the best possible experience, we have packaged our expertise into a range of services and products designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, we are dedicated to satisfying your crypto bot needs. However, please note that some of our services may have limited accessibility for you due to regulatory compliance.

Signal service

If you meet the requirements for our signal service for Bitcoin derivatives, you can generate additional income while retaining control over your assets. All buy and sell opportunities are generated by our two unique trading bots: the Range Maker and the ATR.


Are you looking for a partner to brainstorm the IT part of a trading bot strategy? Or do you want us to check the code of your existing crypto trading bot or underlying infrastructure? For all IT consultancy issues related to crypto bots, you can turn to Oxido Solutions.


The IT team at Oxido Solutions consists of experienced traders with a programming background. Depending on your needs, we can provide technical development of your crypto trading bot in various programming languages such as Python, TradingView, and JavaScript.


Don’t panic if your trading bot isn’t performing as well as you would like. Sometimes, a single missing feature can be the key to unlocking its full potential. At Oxido Solutions, our technical indicators may help get your bot back on track and performing at its best.

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    Developing a crypto trading bot strategy requires diverse knowledge and experience. If you want to avoid the hassle of developing and maintaining your own crypto bot strategy, consider subscribing to the free trial of our signal service. All buy and sell signals are generated by our unique automated crypto trading strategy, which includes all of the necessary features to increase your chances of success in the cryptocurrency market.


    Our trading approach involves following the direction of the market trend, which is called a trend-following strategy. We believe that if a particular asset is moving in a certain direction, it’s more probable that it will continue moving in that direction than to suddenly reverse. This allows us to take advantage of both upward and downward market trends. To help us identify and track these trends, our crypto trading bots use technical analysis and artificial intelligence.

    3 risk levels

    Our signal service supports three risk profiles: low, medium, or high-risk, with corresponding risk levels of 2%, 4%, and 6% of your trading capital per trade. Please note that slippage, or the difference between expected and actual trade execution price, has not been considered. While the low-risk profile may result in lower profits, it also comes with lower drawdowns, providing a more conservative approach to trading.

    Range Maker

    The Range Maker is a trend-following algorithm that Jarno developed in 2017. In our opinion, many trend-following algo traders use Bollinger Bands and other standard methods to calculate the trading range, making them vulnerable to market maker manipulation. The Range Maker calculates the trading range in a unique way, which, combined with other customized features, results in stable performance.

    ATR crypto trading bot

    The Average True Range algorithm is a trend-following trading bot developed in 2020 to run alongside the Range Maker. It responds faster to small trend movements and performs better on lower time frames than the Range Maker, which is more effective for larger trend movements. Combining the ATR with the Range Maker results in better overall performance on a monthly basis because they hedge each other. Our trading strategy can therefore better anticipate changing market conditions.

    Chop filter

    The chop filter is a technical indicator that can be considered an absolute game changer as it solves one of the biggest problems in our industry. Trend-following strategies often perform well during periods of strong trends but can struggle during periods of sideways price action. The chop filter is capable of measuring the strength of the market and responding accordingly. When the trend of a market is weak, it ensures that our algos do not take a position. This has reduced the drawdown of our trading strategy by up to 50%.


    One of the biggest risks of trend-following trading strategies is over-optimization. It arises when strategy parameters are tuned so closely to past market data that the strategy becomes overly specialized and performs poorly on new, unseen data. This can happen when traders constantly adjust the strategy parameters to fit historical data perfectly. To counter this, Oxido Solution’s trading strategy features an auto-optimization function that adjusts the algorithm parameters based on the prevailing market conditions.



    The Binance trading bot of Oxido Solutions is able to create high-quality trading opportunities on Binance Futures, the premier cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

    Signal service

    To use the Binance trading bot, you need to subscribe to our signal service for Binance Futures. You will then receive buy and sell signals on your Binance account, which can be automatically converted into orders. Here’s how it works: the Binance bot generates an opportunity, sends it to our middleware, which then forwards the information to your Binance account. Upon your authorization, Binance will automatically convert these signals into orders, but you retain control over the funds and can disable the Binance trading bot by disconnecting the API connection.

    Trading pairs

    Our Binance trading bot works for all trading pairs of Bitcoin futures and Ethereum futures, derivatives of the two most popular cryptocurrencies. We only support these types of trading pairs because they have the highest liquidity. Additionally, there is more historic price data available for Bitcoin futures and Ethereum futures than for other cryptocurrency futures. This allows us to determine through backtesting that the Bitcoin bot had a strong performance even before 2020, when we started collecting live data.

    Perpetual Futures

    The Binance bot supports perpetual futures, a derivative product that allows speculation on future asset prices without expiration dates, unlike traditional futures contracts. There are two types: USD-M Futures and Coin-M-Futures. If you prefer earning more USD Tether stablecoins instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum, choose USD-M Futures and provide USDT for our signal service for Binance Futures. Alternatively, for using Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral and accumulating more of them, opt for Coin-M-Futures.

    Isolated margin

    Our Binance trading bot supports isolated margin, a feature that helps you manage the risk involved with each individual trade the bot makes on your behalf. Think of it as if you were setting aside a specific amount of money for different purchases. With isolated margin, our Binance bot automatically allocates a certain amount of funds for each trade, and then only use those funds for that specific trade. This way, if one trade doesn’t perform well, it won’t impact your other trades being executed by the Binance bot.


    Ready to make a move? With the signal service of Oxido Solutions, you can receive premium buy and sell signals to help you generate extra income on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Bybit, and OKX. You can receive the signals by email, Telegram, API or any other preferred channel. Please note that as a non-financial service provider, our signals are not customized, and all subscribers receive the same signals. We also do not execute orders on your behalf. We trust our crypto trading bots and are excited to offer you a free 14-day trial. If you like the signals, you can upgrade to a paid subscription with us.

    Duration14 daysNo limit
    Entry1000 USD≥ 250,000 USD
    Performance feeNone30-35%
    Asset typeCrypto DerivativesCrypto Derivatives
    Notice PeriodDailyMonthly
    Algo featuresAllAll
    SupportE-mailAll channels


    Are you interested in knowing more about our crypto trading bot services or have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me directly or leave a message using our contact form. I will be happy to help you out.
    Guido Lassally
    Guido Lassally (CEO)