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Looking to make passive income in crypto and stay in control? Oxido Solution’s user-friendly crypto software lets you adjust proven trading indicators to fit your risk level and set your own targets. You run the strategy; we provide the tech.

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We offer technical indicators on TradingView and any other trading platform you need.

Alpha shifter

Our self-hosted middleware software is the best way to automate your trading strategy.

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We provide regular software updates and other IT support, but no financial advice.

Why Crypto Trading Bot Software matters

Around 80% of crypto trades today are performed by trading bots, highlighting the heavy reliance on technology in the crypto market. Without the right crypto trading bot software, you’re falling behind the competition. If you lack the knowledge and resources to develop your own trading system, Oxido Solutions’ trading bot software may be just what you need.

We are trading bot specialists

As an all-in-one IT solutions provider, we’ve focused our services on trading bots. This makes us your first choice for all your trading bot needs.


Are you a high-net-worth investor, a professional trader, a hedge fund, or a family office? Then you are eligible to use our crypto trading bot software.


We want to give you a full understanding of our crypto trading software. We cover their benefits, risks, and everything in between, to ensure you have a complete view.

About Jarno de Vries: The Mind Behind Our Trading System


Jarno de Vries, originally from Spakenburg, the Netherlands, is the co-founder of Oxido Solutions. Serving as our Chief Technology Officer, he oversees all technical elements of our operations. Jarno is the mastermind behind every aspect of our trading bot software, from the technical indicators to Alpha Shifter. Let’s step into the shoes of this innovative entrepreneur.

His passions

Jarno’s two great passions are playing the guitar and technology. As an IT architect, he has successfully led numerous IT projects. Jarno has developed dozens of apps, among them the Connected Bike. This GPS-enabled tool allows users to track their E-bikes if stolen, using a satellite connection.


Alongside his IT work, Jarno traded digital assets manually, often staying up all night to monitor the markets, which proved stressful. The birth of his daughter marked a turning point, leading him to specialize in trading bots as a means to earn income more passively.


After creating a series of profitable crypto trading bots, Jarno was eager to share his success. But he wanted to do it the right way. So, he partnered with Guido Lassally, from Amsterdam, to start Oxido Solutions. Today, our clients include wealthy individuals, family offices, and hedge funds.


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Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to learn and perfect our trading bot strategies, leading to the development of top-notch crypto trading bot software. To help you get familiar with our system, we’ve put together a content program that covers 10 essential aspects you need to know about this exciting area. All content is meant for educational purposes and should not be taken as financial advice.

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The best crypto trading platform possesses all the necessary characteristics to develop, manage, and execute crypto trading strategies that align with the user’s requirements and risk profile. We’ve divided the features into eight categories.


Rules are the instructions that tell a trading system when to buy or sell. They keep decisions consistent and prevent emotional trading, making sure the strategy sticks to its plan.

Risk management

This part of the software suite helps protect your money. It involves strategies like setting limits on how much you can lose in a trade and spreading your investment across different types of assets to reduce risk.


Data includes all the numbers and information the system uses to make decisions. This could be past prices to predict future trends or real-time data to make immediate trading decisions.

Strategy coding editor

This is a tool for building and tweaking trading strategies. Traders use it to write the rules and conditions for their trading system, tailoring it to their goals and the market’s behavior.

Testing suite

Before using a strategy with real money, it’s tested with historical data and simulations. This helps see if the strategy would have worked in the past and how it might perform in different market conditions.

Technical indicators

Indicators are calculations used to analyze and anticipate market trends. They help identify when to enter or exit a trade, whether a market is overbought or oversold, and other useful signals.


Alerts are automated messages that tell traders about important market events or when certain conditions of their trading strategy are met. They help traders react quickly to make profitable trades or avoid losses.


This is like a translator that allows different parts of the trading system to communicate effectively. It connects the trading strategy to the market, ensuring trades are executed smoothly and data is transferred accurately.

Types of Trading Bot systems

Before delving into the eight key features of a trading bot system, let’s take a step back and discuss the types based on trading strategy and user activity level. It’s essential to understand that no single system made available to the pubblic supports all kinds of trading strategies. Different systems cater to varying levels of user engagement and specific strategic approaches in trading.


Trend-following systems capitalize on sustained market trends, aiming to ride the wave of price movements in one consistent direction until a shift is detected. They are typically rule-based, making decisions based on predefined parameters to identify trading opportunities in both rising and falling markets, making them versatile in various market conditions.

mean-reversion system

Mean-reversion systems are based on the principle that prices tend to return to their average over time, making profits by betting on the reversal of extreme price deviations. They operate under the assumption that the high and low price fluctuations are temporary, and therefore, trades are executed with the expectation that prices will revert back to a mean or average level.

high-frequency trading

High-Frequency Trading systems are known for their speed and high volume, executing numerous trades in fractions of a second. These systems rely on complex algorithms to exploit small price discrepancies in the market, requiring sophisticated technology and infrastructure to maintain their rapid pace and efficiency.

grid trading system

Grid trading systems thrive in volatile markets by placing trades at predetermined price intervals within a configured range. They aim to capitalize on normal price fluctuations, setting up a grid of buy and sell orders to profit from the natural market movement without the need for predicting the trend direction.

DCA Trading system

DCA systems are a passive investment strategy that involves regularly buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular asset, regardless of its price. This strategy aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases, spreading out the investment over time to potentially lower the total average cost per share of the investment.


Want to to delve deeper into the differences between trend-following systems and other trading systems?

Active to passive Trading Systems

Selecting the right crypto bot system depends on both the strategy’s fit and how involved you want to be. Think about the best way to carry out your crypto trading strategy. Do you want an active role, a passive one, or something in between? Make sure your chosen cryptocurrency trading platform can meet these requirements. You have options from fully automated systems to manual setups and hybrid models that mix both. Consider these choices carefully to match your trading approach with what you’re comfortable with and your overall objectives.

Manual trading system

In manual trading bot systems, traders are at the heart of decision-making. They personally analyze market data, interpret signals, and determine when to enter or exit trades based on a set of rules. This hands-on approach allows for nuanced judgments and the flexibility to adapt to new information. However, it demands significant time, focus, and a disciplined adherence to the pre-defined rules to avoid emotional trading decisions.

Automated trading system

Automated trend-following systems are entirely operated by computer algorithms. These systems handle everything from data analysis and rule application to generating alerts and executing trades via middleware. They operate based on set rules and can quickly respond to market changes. Automated systems are capable of running 24/7, eliminating emotional biases from trading decisions. However, they also necessitate careful monitoring to ensure the algorithms perform correctly and adapt to changing market conditions.

Hybrid trading system

Hybrid trend-following systems blend both manual and automated elements. They might automate certain functions like data analysis and applying trading rules, yet leave the final trade execution decision to the crypto trader. Conversely, they may execute trades automatically but allow traders to intervene manually when deemed necessary. This mixed approach provides a balance, leveraging the efficiency of automation while retaining the critical insight and control of manual cryptocurrency trading.


In addition to understanding the type of strategy and your personal level of involvement, you’ll need to determine if the crypto trading bot software supports the way you want to develop your trading strategy. Essentially, you have three main approaches to consider: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both. To help you make an informed decision, let’s delve into the primary differences between technical and fundamental analysis methods.




Analysis of quantitative data based on technical indicators.

Investment type

Frequent changes: suited for short and long term investing.


Analysis of qualitative data with fundamental indicators.

Investment type

Less frequent changes: more suited for long-term investing.


A gold CFD trading bot uses technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Bollinger bands. It analyzes the chart, market data, and other quantitative information to spot trends and patterns based on preset parameters. It then generates a trading opportunity.


A trading bot analyzes fundamental data related to Amazon stock, like product news, industry trends, and management data based on predefined parameters. It then generates a buy or sell opportunity based on this analysis.


With a cryptocurrency trading strategy for Ethereum, the bot could be set up to spot buy opportunities based on technical indicators like a breakout of the top range of the Bollinger Band. It could also consider fundamental factors, like monitoring social media and other indicators for any negative news or sentiment about Ethereum on a given day.


Interested in creating an ETH strategy? Master all things about this asset first.


When choosing software for crypto trading, it’s essential for traders to confirm that it supports the specific trading pairs they plan to use. This compatibility is crucial for the seamless execution of your trading strategy and largely depends on the exchanges or broker platforms utilized. Trading pairs typically fall into two categories: Spot and Derivatives. Understanding the differences between Spot and Derivatives trading is critical when selecting the appropriate software and exchanges for your trading bot strategy. Here’s a brief overview of the key distinctions between spot and derivatives trading pairs.

Keep in mind, as an IT company, we don’t provide specific advice or assess your qualifications to trade on these types of trading pairs. We strongly recommend doing your own research and seeking advice from a financial expert.

DefinitionBuying and selling of digitals assetsBuying and selling of financial contracts
Contract typesSpotCFD's, perpetual futures, options
CollateralDigital assetDifferent types of digitals assets
LeverageNAAmplify profit or loss with leverage
Trading feesHigherLower
Risk management featuresLessMore
Trading feestransaction feetransaction fee, liquidation fee, funding fee
HedgingNot supportedSupported


Each crypto trading system operates on a foundation of rules. These guidelines may be static or evolve over time, particularly in systems that incorporate artificial intelligence. Establishing rules is fundamental for several reasons.


Emotions, such as such as fear or greed, can heavily influence trading, leading to hasty decisions driven by fear or greed. Rules help traders maintain discipline by adhering to a predefined strategy, regardless of short-term market changes.


Rules bring consistency to trading, ensuring each trade is evaluated and executed under the same criteria. This consistency aids in more predictable outcomes and streamlines the process of assessing and tweaking the trading strategy.


Established rules make trading decisions significantly more objective and reliable. By effectively removing personal bias, traders can consistently rely on a systematic approach to confidently navigate through complex market uncertainties.


Clear and precise objective rules allow for the comprehensive automation of trading actions. Automated trading systems can efficiently and reliably execute trades faster than manual operations and are capable of running continuously without interruption.


Precisely defined rules facilitate the thorough evaluation of a strategy’s effectiveness. By accurately identifying what works and what doesn’t, traders can continuously refine and further enhance their approach, ultimately leading to significantly improved performance.


Comprehensive and reliable data is at the heart of a successful trading bot software suite. It’s vital to have access to thorough and trustworthy data for a winning strategy.

Trading data comes in two forms: historical and real-time. Historical data lets you look back and see how your strategy would have played out in the past, offering precious insights. Real-time data, on the other hand, is essential for successful live trading. Up-to-date information is key to making well-informed decisions and adjusting to the present market conditions.

✓ Price



Risk management Essentials

While rules determine when to start, manage, and end trades, risk management is about setting how much risk is acceptable for each trade and the overall portfolio. This is key to protecting your capital and staying in the market for the long haul in cryptocurrency bot systems. Different traders might use different techniques based on their trading style, how much risk they’re comfortable with, and the current market. Important parts of risk management in trading software include:

Position sizing

This involves determining how much capital to allocate to each trade. The investment amount can vary based on factors like the asset’s volatility, the trader’s risk tolerance, and the total trading capital. It’s generally prudent for traders to limit exposure to a single trade to minimize potential losses..

Stop-Loss and TP’S

These are automated orders set to close a trade at a specific price level. A stop-loss order aims to limit losses if the market turns unfavorably, while a take-profit order secures profits at a predetermined price. Both fixed and dynamic versions of these orders can be employed, depending on the strategy and market conditions.


As market volatility can significantly impact price movements, it’s crucial for traders to monitor and respond to changes in volatility. This may involve adjusting investment sizes during periods of high volatility to manage risk or during low volatility to capitalize on stable trends.


Diversification involves spreading investments across various financial assets to minimize risk associated with any single one. For trading systems, this could mean engaging in trades across different assets or markets. Additionally, diversifying trading strategies and time frames can further spread risk and potentially increase the chance of consistent returns.

CRYPTO BOT Testing Suite

A robust testing suite is crucial for any trading system, providing traders with the tools to validate their strategies before going live. Typically, a testing suite includes three main components: backtesting, forward testing, and stress testing.


Backtesting involves testing a trading strategy against historical data to assess how it might have performed. It’s a crucial step in developing and fine-tuning any trading system. The goal is to gauge the strategy’s performance and risk profile under different market conditions and to identify and fix any flaws. By applying the system’s rules and risk management parameters to historical data, the crypto strategy tester simulates trades as if they were executed in real-time. This hypothetical performance history is then analyzed in detail.

Forward testing

Also known as paper trading, forward testing involves testing a strategy in a simulated, live market environment with real-time data but without risking actual capital. This step is key for confirming the strategy’s effectiveness under current market conditions and making any necessary tweaks before using real money. Both backtesting and forward testing are essential for refining strategies, spotting potential issues, and building confidence in the system. They provide valuable insights into the system’s performance and help identify areas for improvement.

Stress testing

Stress testing is used to determine how a trading system might handle extreme market events. Traders simulate various adverse scenarios, such as sharp trend reversals or significant geopolitical incidents, to see how the system would perform. While stress testing doesn’t predict all possible situations, it helps identify weak points that might be mitigated with adjustments like tighter stop-loss orders. As global events and market conditions are constantly changing, stress testing should be revisited periodically to keep the trading system updated and ready for unforeseen challenges.


Interested in learning more about the testing process of a crypto bot?


Let’s explore the role of middleware in the operation of a crypto trading bot system. Middleware is software that ensures effective communication between various systems or applications. It works as a conduit for data exchange, making it crucial for the functioning of your cryptocurrency bot. Here’s a glimpse of how middleware operates:


The process starts with the middleware receiving data from a source. If your trading bot is developed on a trading platform called MetaTrader5, the middleware will receive buying and selling instructions from MT5 via an alert. An alert like “a=tslausd, q=10, o=market” essentially communicates the bot’s instruction to purchase 10 TSLA shares with USD at the current market price.


Once the data is received, it’s time for the middleware to step up. It takes on the critical task of transforming the TradingView alert into a format that your chosen exchange can understand. The middleware is designed to be robust and agile, processing this information quickly and efficiently for your trading bot.


After the data is processed, the middleware’s final task is to dispatch this information to the desired endpoint. For example, it sends the instruction to buy 10 TSLA shares at the market price to your exchange account via the exchange’s API. In order to automate this buying process, you’ll need to preauthorize the exchange to execute such orders on your behalf.


Congratulations! You now master the theory behind crypto trading bot software. You’ve learned about its concept, the various types available, and what to consider when selecting a software package that matches your trading style. Next up, we’ll discuss our own software solution in detail, which is a combination of custom work on a platform called TradingView and our proprietary software. We’ll kick off with why we created it, and then dig into what our crypto bot system can do, weigh its advantages and disadvantages, and show how you can benefit from our solution.

Custom Trading Strategies

Existing software didn’t support the specific trading strategies we wanted to implement.

Lack of Order Execution System

There was no efficient system for executing orders in the manner we required.

Inadequate Technical Indicators

The available technical indicators didn’t meet our needs for analysis and decision-making.

Unique Market Insights

We wanted to incorporate our own market insights and analysis methods that weren’t available in existing solutions.

Control and Security

Creating our own software gave us greater control over security and the safeguarding of our strategies and information.

Customization and Flexibility

We needed the flexibility to quickly adapt and customize the bot software according to changing market conditions or our evolving trading strategy.

Cost Efficiency

Over time, having our own software could be more cost-effective than paying for a ton of expensive subscription services or dealing with limitations of free versions.

Lack of risk management

Existing software did not meet our risk management requiremens, ensuring that each trade aligns precisely with our specific risk-reward preferences.

Integration with Advanced Tools

We can integrate our software with advanced analytical and predictive tools, AI algorithms, or machine learning models that aren’t available in standard trading bot platforms.

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Having our own software allows us to create custom reporting features and analytics tailored to our specific needs, helping us make more informed decisions.

Community and Support

Building our own platform allows us to create a community of users with similar trading interests and strategies, fostering an environment of collaboration and support.

Reduce dependency

By developing our own software, we avoid dependency on third-party platforms, which may suddenly change pricing, features, or terms of service, potentially disrupting our trading activities.


Curious about the results of our in-house crypto trading strategy?


As experts in crypto bot technology, Oxido Solutions has extensive knowledge of all standard trading methodologies. Over the years, we’ve tested each one, combining these experiences with our creativity to develop a distinct trading vision. This vision served as the foundation for our proprietary crypto trading bot software. Our principles are:



At Oxido Solutions, we understand that markets move in cycles, which is a fundamental part of our trading philosophy. Each cycle brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. We believe that the best trading setup and its software should be able to manage all types of market cycles and the associated price action, including:

Bull market

Rising prices, high confidence, and optimism dominate this upward trending market.

Bear market

Falling prices and pessimism mark this market, emphasizing caution and strategy.

Sideways market

Market fluctuates within a range, lacking clear direction, requiring careful analysis.


In our view, risk management should be at the heart of every trading strategy and crypto trading bot software. It’s all about spotting risks such as weak market trends or technological issues, figuring out how likely they are, and what impact they might have, then taking steps to keep them in check. Here’s why risk management is so crucial:

Avoiding Big Losses

Risk management in crypto trading bot software is like a soccer game’s defense. Without a trade loss cap, it’s like starting 3-0 down. Essential for preventing big financial losses.

Trading Longer

Good risk management means you can keep trading for a long time. It’s about managing how much you’re risking each time, so you don’t lose all your money in a few bad trades.


Keeping your cool is a big part of trading. With clear rules for how much you’re willing to lose, you can think straight and make smart choices, instead of just reacting in panic or getting too greedy, which can mess up your trades.


Our indicators include a sideways filter, which helps you handle slow-paced markets.


At Oxido Solutions, we’re convinced that success in cryptocurrency trading is more likely when using automated methods over manual ones. The vast majority of all trades are now executed by trading bots, enhanced with smart technologies like AI. This shift in the market means that it’s becoming harder for manual crypto traders to find success. Here are some key reasons why we have focused on automation in developing our trading strategies and cryptocurrency trading software:


Trying to trade manually at medium or high frequencies is tough because humans can’t process data as fast. Automated bots, on the other hand, can handle huge amounts of data quickly and make more accurate trades. They work all day and night, responding to market changes in an instant, something hard to achieve for manual traders.


Trading can be emotional, and feelings like fear and greed often result in inconsistent trading outcomes. Automated trading effectively cuts out these emotional reactions, ensuring every trade strictly adheres to a predetermined, logical strategy. This disciplined approach aids in securing long-term profits and importantly, in avoiding substantial losses.


Adapting quickly to new market conditions is a challenge for manual traders, but it’s where automated systems shine. They can interpret market data as it comes, making informed decisions fast. This quick response lets our crypto trading bots take advantage of new opportunities right away, keeping them ahead in the ever-changing market.


At Oxido Solutions, we are trying to capitalize on inefficiencies in the crypto market, guided by the philosophy ‘the trend is your friend.’ This concept implies that aligning your trading activities with the current market trend often yields better results than opposing it. This approach is rooted in the observation that market trends often persist for a significant period, fueled by momentum and investor behavior. Therefore, taking advantage of these trends is usually less risky and more straightforward than trying to predict when they will change. Here are some additional reasons why we designed our trading bot software with a trend-focused approach.


Markets are cyclical and naturally trend-sensitive. While the triggers for new trends might differ, as long as there is price movement, markets always present opportunities for trend-following traders.

Two-way gains

With a trend-following strategy tailored for derivatives, trading can occur in both rising and falling markets. This enables profiting from both upward and downward market trends.


A trend-following approach is well-suited for highly active markets, such as the cryptocurrency market, where trends can be identified even in periods of significant volatility.




Oxido Solutions’ trading bot software package features our flagship technical indicator developed within the TradingView platform: the ATR. It represents a trend-following strategy, customizable with your own parameters to suit your specific risk profile, trading style, and asset class. For institutional clients, we can also integrate our indicator into your platform of choice. Oxido Solutions primarily favors TradingView for several reasons:


TradingView’s backtest feature lets traders test strategies using historical data. It’s great for checking a strategy’s potential success in different market conditions without real-world risk.

Coding editor

The coding editor, supporting Pine Script, is user-friendly and ideal for creating custom indicators and strategies. It’s accessible even for those with little coding experience, enabling traders to produce and refine their own tools.


TradingView’s charts are interactive and detailed, with many tools for technical analysis. They provide real-time data and an easy-to-use interface, suitable for both beginners and seasoned traders.


TradingView offers extensive historical and current market data. This comprehensive information is crucial for deep market analysis and informed trading decisions.


Another key feature of TradingView is its ability to send buy and sell information to external systems, like middleware software. This allows for automated trading and efficient strategy execution using TradingView’s insights.


The ATR indicator has been developed to take advantage of the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, with a strong focus on risk management. It forms the foundation of our Binance trading bot, Bybit bot and OKX bot.The ATR is not only suitable for relatively quick price action but is also equipped to handle slower price movements characterized by clean swings. It is capable of performing well in various market conditions.

The ATR is particularly suited for both manual and automated trading in crypto perpetual futures but can also be applied to manual crypto spot trading. This indicator is capable of generating buy and sell signals based on your chosen parameters for automated trading strategies, such as BTCPERP, ETHPERP, and other derivative strategies. The ATR can also be used for identifying entry and exit points for long-term investments in Bitcoin spot and altcoins. You can configure this TradingView crypto bot indicator using the following parameter:


Timeframe1 minute-1 year
Risk profilelow, medium, high
Sideways filterOn, Off


At Oxido Solutions, we found that existing middleware solutions fell short of our precise needs. In response, we decided to develop Alpha Shifter, a state-of-the-art middleware trading system. It effectively transmits buy and sell signals from various trading strategies to any specified endpoint. Recognizing the growing demand for a robust enterprise middleware layer among hedge funds, family offices, banks, and other professional entities within the finance sector, we’ve decided to offer Alpha Shifter not only as a part of our trading bot software stack, but also as a standalone software solution. Here is a list of the key features:



Our software for manual and automated crypto trading has been demonstrably effective for trend-following strategies on medium to high timeframes. Our own setup for Bitcoin Perpetual Futures has been profitable since 2021. However, we haven’t established a track record for timeframes below 5 minutes. This might make our software less suitable for other types of strategies at lower frequencies. If you have middleware software developed for High-Frequency Trading (HFT) or arbitrage, we are open to exploring how our indicators could integrate with your infrastructure and potentially add value. We welcome the opportunity to test this collaboration without any obligation.


Interested in partnering with us or have other topics to discuss?


By now, you’ve got a glimpse of what our crypto trading bot software is all about. But what’s in it for you? Get ready for a comprehensive breakdown of all the advantages that are packed into our solution.


With our solution, you’re the captain of your ship. Use our indicators to create a strategy that aligns with your investment goals and execute it swiftly on your preferred exchange, where you maintain full control of your funds. The middleware layer is hosted on a server managed by you, ensuring you’re in the driver’s seat and not reliant on any other third party than TradingView.


Seeking relief from the emotional toll of trading in volatile markets? Our crypto trading bot solution is designed to ease the emotional pressures tied to trading in challenging market situations, providing a more level-headed approach to pursuing financial gains. By automating trading decisions, you can avoid impulsive actions driven by emotions and stick to a well-thought-out strategy.


Free up your time with Oxido’s trading bot software, which operates autonomously and can potentially boost your financial gains without requiring constant oversight. Whether you’re focused on work or leisure, our bot has your back, so you can make the most of your day. It can be set to manage your trades even when you’re not actively monitoring the markets.


If our solution fits your preferred trading style, you won’t have to go through the hassle of creating expensive software from the ground up. Should you decide to implement an automated strategy, our software can create trading opportunities while keeping transaction costs lower than traditional manual trading. This efficiency comes from its streamlined data processing capabilities. So, you can save both time and money while making smarter trading moves.


Unlock the potential of Oxido Solutions’ trading bot software, which operates round the clock, to seize market opportunities and potentially increase your profits, all while you’re not tied to your screen monitoring the crypto market. This added flexibility can give a big boost to the efficiency and productivity of your trading activities, allowing you to make the most of your time elsewhere.


Looking to diversify your investments? Our trading bot software can assist you in achieving this by allowing you to generate trading opportunities for various cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and trading pairs. This feature provides you with the flexibility to broaden your investment portfolio, all while optimizing your chances for financial growth.


Our integration with TradingView offers a significant advantage: the backtesting feature. This feature allows you to assess the effectiveness of trading strategies created with the ATR indicator against historical market data. This simulation of trades and analysis of outcomes can refine your trading skills for the future.


Is risk management in trading a high priority for you too? Our trading bot software can be tailored to meet your ideal risk-reward ratio and incorporate various risk management features, such as the sideways filter. They aim to safeguard your capital by executing intelligent entries and ensuring timely exits from positions, providing you with greater control over your investments.


Interested in offering trading services to others? With our software package, you can create and implement strategies tailored for professional investors. It can seamlessly integrate into the technology stack for a signal service, segregated managed account service, hedge fund, or other offerings. Keep in mind that you may need financial licensing for your activities, so thorough research is essential.


By now, you probably have a good sense of what our crypto trading bot solution offers and its advantages and disadvantages. Are you already thinking about how our crypto bot software can work for you? Just keep in mind that there are four key requirements you’ll need to meet before you can get started on your Oxido software journey:


To use our crypto trading bot solution, you need a fully KYC’d account on one of the following 10 crypto exchanges: Binance, Bybit, Deribit, Okx,, Kraken, Kucoin, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Phemex. Want to run the ATR one more than one time frame? Then you’ll need to create sub-accounts as well.


To access the powerful features of TradingView and the ATR Indicator from Oxido Solutions, you need at least an essential plan with TradingView. Tip: Start with a 30-day free trial subscription with TradingView and then cancel it. TradingView will subsequently offer you a discount.


Alpha Shifter is a self-hosted solution that can be quickly and easily installed, requiring access to your server environment. We recommend using a virtual private server (VPS) with at least the following technical specifications: Windows Server 2019 or 2022, 4 Cores CPU and 8 GB RAM.


Our crypto trading bot software is delivered to you in the form of a license agreement. This means that under certain conditions, you may use our software, but you do not become the owner of it. You will acquire a license for Alpha Shifter and the ATR indicator.


With Oxido Solutions’ crypto bot software, you’ve got all the technical tools you need to roll out a winning strategy in the cryptocurrency market. We believe in our solution, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’re firm believers in “seeing is believing,” which is why we’re giving you the chance to test our software with a free and no-strings-attached 14-day trial before committing to a paid licensing agreement. Of course, if you’re ready to jump into the paid version right away, that’s totally fine too. Here’s a rundown of all the features you’ll find in both our free and paid plan.

Duration14 days≥ 12 months
Entry1000 USD≥ 500,000 USD
Monthly license feeNone300 USD
Monthly performance feeNone25-35%
Asset typecrypto spot, crypto perpetual futurescrypto spot, crypto perpetual futures
Notice PeriodDailyMonthly
FeaturesAlpha Shifter and ATRAlpha Shifter and ATR
SupportE-mailAll channels


Eager to learn more about our crypto trading bot services or have some questions? Please drop me a line directly or leave a message via our contact form. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.
Guido Lassally
Guido Lassally (CEO)